About BuckIDDeals

Hey Buckeyes!

Curious as to what BuckIDDeals is?! BuckIDDeals is the place to go when wondering which restaurants and stores you can use your BuckID card to purchase with.

To make figuring out about what places to eat and shops are all around you, well, way more fun (and to save some mula!), we team up with those restaurant and stores for weekly contests, giveaways, and deals.

We also like to share blog articles and posts that will keep you informed and entertained about OSU campus life and all things #ProudBuckeye. No school has more pride than Ohio State University, and there are plenty reasons for that. These 17 photos do a pretty a good job.

Above all, BuckIDDeals is a resource for you. When it comes to those late night cravings and you’re wondering which place to order some za. When it’s your bestie’s birthday and you want to pick up a gift for him or her. And when you just need to get out of your dorm or apartment and want to know which entertainment spots are available.

Basically, we’re here to connect you with all the most delicious and awesome spots — the popular, the secret, the noisy, and the quiet — that surround our beautiful Ohio State University campus.

Check back here often. There’s always new places popping up! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to monitor our weekly random giveaways and get the latest on the current student deals that we run.

Go Bucks,

– BuckIDDeals Team

PS: Forever RIP Afro Duck

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