12 Signs You’re Obsessed with Panera Bread

We see you: Nostrils flared from the aroma of freshly baked bread. Hands pressed against the plexiglass, making eyes with that apple crunch muffin. Here are 12 more signs you might be (maybe just a little) obsessed with Panera Bread.

1.You understand that a balanced breakfast is a bear claw in each hand.panera-bread-breakfast

2. Bread is your most frequently used emoji.


3. This is your idea of heaven.


4. The You-Pick-Two struggle is too real. HOW DO YOU CHOOSE?


5. This makes you SO happy.


6. It’s your favorite place to study (or not study…).

panera-studying2 panera-studying1

7. You crave broccoli cheddar constantly (and demand your bowls are edible).


8. You keep your kicks lookin’ FRESH.


9. That post-workout chicken salad is your only reason to exercise.


10. You know all the best ways to save.

panera-card1 buckid-card

11. You sometimes wonder if you really are too obsessed with Panera.



It’s everyone else. That’s the problem.

635702452686867223689200026_panera bread

Agree? Then share this post now using the share buttons below! One lucky Panera-obsessed individual will win a gift card. [Update: Winner has been chosen as of 3/17]

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