Healthiest Restaurants You Can Use Your BuckID

We can all admit that the four-to-five-pizza-a-week routine (plus chicken wings, plus Ramen, plus soda, plus anything with at least a pound of sugar) rarely gets old. And then a few weeks go by, and you hear your sorry stomach whisper, “Please, please, stop.” Luckily for you, and your bloated belly, we put together a list of all the Healthiest Restaurants You Can Use Your BuckID.

1. Berry Blendz

Making its smoothies and juices from fruits, vegetables and other healthy ingredients found in nature, Berry Blendz’s main focus is providing fresh and healthy creations that are nutritious and of course, delicious.

Have you tried one of our new #blendzgreen drinks yet? What do you think?! 💚

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BuckIDDeals Favorite: The Green Machine Juice Blendz, made of kale, spinach, apple, banana, cucumber, ginger, lemon and honey. Add whey protein for an extra punch of protein!

2. Panera Bread

Panera was actually voted Health Magazine’s #1 Healthiest Fast Food Restaurant. They have sooooo many mouth-water options that won’t break the bank and have a low calorie count. Specifically? Check out these Panera Bread: 6 Meals Under 600 Calories.

Dinner is served! #broth #bowl #turkey #chili

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BuckIDDeals Favorite: Turkey Chili Soup and Hand Tossed Salad

3. Chipotle 

You already know Chipotle has the best ingredients. They source their food from farms, not factories, and their pork is from free-roaming pigs. What we love most? Their “GMO-Over It” philosophy.

No vinai-regrets.

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BuckIDDeals Favorite: Salad with topped romaine lettuce, chicken, beans, salsa, guac, and chipotle honey vinaigrette.

So there you have it my fellow Buckeyes, the healthiest restaurants that accept BuckID. If you’ve ready this far, then You Go, Glen Coco! You’re committed! Take it one step further by sharing this post via the sharing buttons below to be automatically entered to win a free Panera gift card. [Update: Giveaway has ended.]

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