Panera Bread: 6 Meals Under 600 Calories

College life doesn’t have to be all Ramen noodles and pizza (well, not just Ramen noodles and pizza). Thankfully Panera Bread has many options for a healthy, filling meal, without the excess calories. Mix and match your soups and sammies with the tried and true You-Pick-Two deal. We’ve got 6 meals under 600 calories that will keep your wallet (and your waistline) pretty trim.


panera-you-pick-two4TOTAL = 490 calories


panera-you-pick-two7TOTAL = 360 calories


panera-you-pick-two2TOTAL = 530 calories


panera-you-pick-two3TOTAL = 500 calories


panera-you-pick-two6TOTAL = 330 calories


panera-you-pick-two5TOTAL = 510 calories

Don’t forget to check out the new Panera Bread on campus, accepting BuckID at the Wexner Medical Center (451 W. 10th Avenue.)

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