El Vaquero: Get to Know Your Neighbor!

El Vaquero Columbus Ohio

You never know when you’ll need a cup of milk, sugar, or laundry detergent, so its always important to get to know your neighbors! Neighbors however, come in many forms; why not get to know your neighborhood restaurants too?  Here’s what you should know about your local El Vaquero:

  • Any Mexican dish you can dream up, is likely already on their menu.  El Vaquero offers more variety than any restaurant in the city.
  • They’re one of the only restaurants of their cuisine that delivers.
  • El Vaquero offers traditional, authentic food. It’s not your local hipster taco shop.
  • The Queso Fundido with shrimp is SERIOUSLY one of the best things you could ever eat.
  • They send entrees out faster than lightning.  You’ll have no problem eating and making it to the next class on time.
  • Their patio is huge.  With the Columbus weather staying mostly pretty nice, it’s still got some use left in it for the year!


El Vaquero is located at 3230 Olentangy River Road.  Don’t miss out on what they have to offer; there is something for everyone.

Hours of Operation:  

  • Monday-Thursday: 11am to 10pm
  • Friday and Saturday: 11am  to 10:30pm
  • Sunday: 11am to 9pm

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