Potbelly: From Antique Stop to Sandwich Shop!

You probably know Potbelly as that place that sells awesome hot subs. Not sure if you have seen the menu lately, but ooooh man they are so much more.


Potbelly has been in the food game since 1977, and have perfected not only the art of sandwich, but soups, mac and cheese, smoothies and more.  An unusual history, they make food all too well for a place that started as an antique shop! That’s right, when they got their start in Chicago, they did it selling your grandma’s knick-knacks.  Now, they sell her home cooking.

One requirement:  You must have the BBQ pulled pork with Sweet Baby Rays. Don’t question us, just eat it.

Everyone loves a free concert, which they give you at lunch time every Wednesday through Saturday.  Live music while you grub? LOVE.

Welp, this is where we leave you. We’re headed to Potbelly to try the “Wreck” sandwich: Salami, Roast Beef, Turkey, Smoked Ham + Swiss Cheese = all things eternally delicious.

Stop in for lunch today at 1171 Olentangy River Rd.

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